Saturday, March 22, 2014

Being Malaysian

I have been called an Indian all my life - apart from the fact that I was born and raised in Malaysia my entire life. Growing up was pretty confusing for me, If I am an Indian - why am I in Malaysia? I was this curious kid - most of the time up to no good. I guess it was one of those questions without an answer. When I think about this now, I know by right I am a Malaysian. Indian is my ethnicity. I don't deny that, I am aware of my culture and my background. But my recent trip to India made me realise that I don't fit in there. That I, of all things home, missed Chinese food the most! Not those masala fried rice, served with salad and soup in India but the many noodles - Wantan/Hokkien/and variety of noodles served in local Chinese joint. Maybe its weird for some of you who are reading this but its perfectly normal at home - my country.

I may not be the only one feeling this way. Maybe my Chinese friend might not feel at home in China and be craving for banana leaf rice back at home. The same goes for my Malay friends. I think we Malaysian as a whole have formed our own identity. We are no more divided by our cultural difference in fact we embrace those difference, yeah the many holidays we get to celebrate is some of the perks. It is no more a strange sight to see a Chinese brother/sister fulfilling their vows on Thaipusam as well as an Indian family visiting Budhist  temple on Wesak day. This is our uniqueness. This is what makes us who we are. And this is what home means to me, to be one with everyone, embracing our differences to create something totally unique.

I don't know what future holds but each one of us have the potential to create impact. When you can, be kind. When it is possible, lend a helping hand. Each one of us, makes whole.

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