Friday, February 14, 2014


I have read somewhere that a question is more important than its answer.
Have you noticed how for the same question there could be variety of answers.
Questions gives rises to  endless possibilities. Keeps the mind agile.
And so I'm going to list down endless number of questions that have been active in my mind.

Why do we spend months raising millions to help the deprieved and the wounded across the sea when such people could be found in our home ground?

Do all the people seeking monetary compensation@donation are in need?

What happens to our donations? Who holds the accounts for each penny spent?  If there is an account why wasn't it made public?

Why do we talk about unity but emphasize on our diversity?

Have you thought about the children of prostitutes -how life is for them where they will forced out at night because their moms have to work? Their safety?

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