Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prayer for stranger

There is this interesting idea that I came across while reading Paulo Coelho's Like a Flowing River. In one of the short stories,  he mentioned that each of our souls contains the soul of the universe.  And that the soul of the universe resides in all of us. I think you can imagine it this way, each of us are pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle,  the puzzle being the universe, and each piece contains miniature version of the gigantic puzzle. I'm not sure I got my point across but I hope I did. Ok now, what is the implication of this? Well it means each of us are affecting the course of the universe or the sum of all our consciousness one person at a time. So with each deed we are literally changing the world we live in. So I have an idea, next time you are in restaurant,  say a silent prayer to the person serving you. It can a simple one such as 'Dear God bless this person with sufficient wealth so that when he/she returns home. They could take care of their family'. Or at your religious abodes, pray for a strangers prayers to come true. Lets seed a little bit of prayer, a little bit of faith and a little bit of goodness in this world.

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